Jammer's Pub

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A Basement Residential Setting

Jammer's Pub is a great place to sit back with family or friends (or even alone, if you own the place) and relax after a hard day of work, parenting, bills, and otherwise managing your life. We offer a pleasant, straightforward atmosphere in a private residential setting that isn't subject to liquor licenses, commercial zoning ordinances, or annoying strangers.


Select from a varied selection of bottles and sometimes even cans, depending on how frugal we were during the last trip to our local supplier. We have draft beer too, if you can pretend that a bottled beer poured into a glass is a draft.


Want something a little stronger than a macrobrew? Go for a mixed (or neat) drink poured from one of Jammer's stocked spirits. Bourbon, vodka, and rum are stocked at all times. Other things are stocked at other times. Beggars can't be choosers!


Enjoy a hand-made martini of either the gin or vodka type — always shaken; never stirred. We've always wondered why Bond feels the need to request a shaken martini. Does anyone not make a martini by shaking it?


Are you a mediocre card shark? Then enjoy a night at the tables (well, one table) during one of our regular popular poker tournaments. And by popular, we mean as many as eight people — and by regular, we mean as frequently as once a year!

Drink Specials

All beverages at Jammer's are free. That's right, absolutely FREE. You cannot beat that price at any pub in town! The only catch is that we have to know you, you have to be invited, and you have to occasionally BYOB as a show of good faith. Okay, that's three catches. You got us.


Looking for some relaxing lounge time? Enjoy a popular streaming show — or the Chicago Bears during what will surely turn out to be another frustrating year — on one of our, uh, one large-screen HDTVs.

Parties and More!

Looking for something to do on New Year's Eve or the Super Bowl and you personally know the bar owner and he's in town that day and doesn't have other plans? Then book your evening of entertainment at Jammer's!

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